tiểu bang của Hoa Kỳ

Oregon [1] là một tiểu bang khu vực Tây Bắc Thái Bình Dương thuộc Hoa Kỳ. Bang này có các đường bờ biển gồ ghề đá, rừng rậm, các thành phố vui nhộn, núi, hẻm núi sâu, và sa mạc ở phía đông nam bang.

Bờ biển Oregon

Khu vựcSửa đổi

Các khu vực ở Oregon phần lớn được xác định bởi đặc điểm tự nhiên ấn tượng của nó, quan trọng nhất là các dãy núi của nó mà không chỉ cung cấp đường phân chia thuận tiện, nhưng mà thậm chí tạo ra một bầu không khí riêng biệt trong mỗi khu vực của tiểu bang. Du khách bao gồm nhiều khu vực trong thời gian nghỉ sẽ tìm thấy sự khác biệt giữa các vùng rõ rệt và đáng chú ý trong đó bằng cách đi du lịch trên toàn tiểu bang du khách có một loạt các trải kinh nghiệm.

Cascade Mountains
Towering snow-covered peaks surrounded by thick forests offer plentiful skiing, hiking, and camping opportunities.
Central Oregon
With broad vistas of the Cascades to the west and the High Desert to the east, offering year-round outdoor activities.
Columbia Gorge
High waterfalls, steep precipices and high winds along the Columbia River make the Gorge a destination for sightseers and windsurfers alike.
Eastern Oregon
Sparsely populated desert plains and rugged mountain ranges offer remote solitude with some unique surprises for intrepid explorers.
Oregon Coast
The state's spectacular rugged coastline is lined with plentiful public beaches and cozy coastal towns ideal for beach-combers and curio shoppers.
Southern Oregon
Old-growth forests, world-class fishing, breath-taking waterfalls, and an emerging wine region are some of this region's diverse attractions.
Willamette Valley
Metro centers offer artistic, musical, and cultural diversions, while open farmland and numerous wineries provide ample tasting opportunities for food and drink connoisseurs.

Các thành phốSửa đổi

  • Ashland — Home of the annual Shakespeare Festival
  • Astoria — Historic fishing town at the mouth of the Columbia River boasting many shipwrecks in the area
  • Bend — High desert gateway with scenic vistas to several Cascade peaks
  • Corvallis — Home to Oregon State University on the western side of the Willamette Valley
  • Eugene — Home to the University of Oregon, the state's second largest city is known for being very socially and environmentally conscious
  • Hood River — Nestled in the Columbia Gorge and subject to strong winds, the town is a windsurfer's haven
  • Newport — Centrally located on the Oregon Coast, with an aquarium and marine center, attracts those with interest in learning more about the coast and sea
  • Portland — The state's largest city and cultural capital has one of the country's most liveable urban centers and many distinct neighborhoods
  • Salem — Thủ phủ bang, toạ lạc giữa vùng nông nghiệp

Các điểm đến khácSửa đổi

  • California National Historical Trail — The road to California carried over 250,000 gold-seekers & farmers to the gold fields & rich farmlands of California during the 1840s and 1850's as well as those who choose to head north to the Oregon Territory
  • Crater Lake National Park — Deepest lake in the world above sea level, Oregon's only national park
  • Lewis and Clark National Monument — 12 park sites located on a 40-mile stretch of the Pacific coast located at the western end of the Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail
  • Mount Bachelor — skiing and snowboarding (November through May)
  • Mount Hood — snowboarding & skiing (lift serviced year round), snowshoeing, alpine slides, hiking, backpacking, camping
  • Painted Hills — Part of John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, 75 Miles East of Bend, approximately 1000 Ha, 3132 Acres, one of the most photographed areas in Oregon. Colors change as the sun moves in the sky, making an extended visit quite worthwhile. Brilliant yellow wildflowers bloom in rivers of color down the "valleys" of the hillsides in late April/early May.
  • Oregon National Historical Trail — As the harbinger of America's westward expansion, the Oregon Trail was the pathway to the Pacific for fur traders, gold seekers, missionaries and khács.
  • Willamette National Forest — Offering numerous outdoor recreation activities including hiking, sailing, and camping at Waldo Lake.
  • Wallowa Lake — One of Oregon's finest lakes. Beautiful scenery, camping, boating, fishing, hiking, eating, and lodging in the quiet town of Joseph.
  • Silver Falls State Park — Located 26 miles East of Salem this state park has 10 waterfalls. Take the canyon trail on a 6.9 mile hike and see all 10. For a shorter hike take the shortcut and see 8 waterfalls in a 5.1 mile loop.

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