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==ManualCẩm ofnang stylevăn phong==
;[[Wikivoyage:ManualCẩm ofnang stylevăn phong|ManualCẩm nang ofvăn stylephong]]
Nutshell: ''Our Manual of style is a collection of rules of thumb and guidelines for giving Wikivoyage articles a consistent look and feel. Most of these rules have exceptions, but to put together a good reference work collaboratively, it's best to follow the rules unless they're quite inappropriate for a particular situation.''
:Note: Structure within an article is described here. Structure of the wiki is described in section [[#Organisation|Organisation]].
===Structure of travel guide articles===
;[[Wikivoyage:Article templates|Article templates]]
:Nutshell: ''Travel guides are generally structured using standardized section headings and order, and we have handy substitution templates to help with this.''
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:*[[Wikivoyage:Article_templates/Sections|Article template sections]]
:*[[Wikivoyage:Article templates|Article templates]]
:*[[Wikivoyage:Country article template|Country article template]], [[Wikivoyage:quick country article template|quick country article template]]
:*[[Wikivoyage:Region article template|Region article template]], [[Wikivoyage:Quick region article template|quick region article template]]
:*[[Wikivoyage:Small city article template|Small city article template]], [[Wikivoyage:quick small city article template|quick small city article template]]
:*[[Wikivoyage:Big city article template|Big city article template]], [[Wikivoyage:quick big city article template|quick big city article template]]
:*[[Wikivoyage:Huge city article template|Huge city article template]], [[Wikivoyage:Quick huge city article template|quick huge city article template]]
:*[[Wikivoyage:District article template|District article template]], [[Wikivoyage:quick district article template|quick district article template]]
:*[[Wikivoyage:Park template|Park template]], [[Wikivoyage:quick park template|quick park template]]
:*[[Wikivoyage:Itinerary article template|Itinerary article template]]
:*[[Wikivoyage:Phrasebook template|Phrasebook template]], [[Wikivoyage:quick phrasebook template|quick phrasebook template]]
:*[[Template:DiveRegion|Dive region template]], [[Template:Divesite|Divesite template]]
;[[Wikivoyage:Avoid long lists|Avoid long lists]]
:Nutshell: ''Long lists and large groups of items can be difficult to grasp. If there are more than 9 items to group, consider subdividing into groups of 7±2 items.''
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:*[[Wikivoyage:Geographical hierarchy|Geographical hierarchy]]
:*[[Wikivoyage:Accommodation listings|Accommodation listings]] - for Sleep
:*[[Wikivoyage:Activity listings|Activity listings]] - for Do
:*[[Wikivoyage:Attraction listings|Attraction listings]] - for See
:*[[Wikivoyage:Bar listings|Bar listings]] - for Drink
:*[[Wikivoyage:Restaurant listings|Restaurant listings]] - for Eat
:*[[Wikivoyage:Shopping listings|Shopping listings]] - for Buy
;[[Wikivoyage:Climate|Climate]] ([[User:Shaund/Sandbox Policies##Presenting_climate_information|draft policy]])
:Nutshell: ''Provide basic climate information about the destination. It helps to travel light by bringing only the things one needs, and to travel comfortably by bringing the right things.''
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:*[[Wikivoyage:Climate Expedition]]
:Nutshell: ''It's possible to encode information about the latitude and longitude of a destination into the destination guide itself.''
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;[[Wikivoyage:Information_boxes|Information boxes]]
:Nutshell: ''An information box tells the reader something interesting about the destination or an attraction that is not included in the listing. They are good for providing supplemental information but should not be overused in an article.''
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:Nutshell: ''Use standardized templates to provide consistent and complete information for business and attraction listings.''
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:*[[Wikivoyage:Accommodation listings|Accommodation listings]] ([[al|al]])- for Sleep
:*[[Wikivoyage:Activity listings|Activity listings]] - for Do
:*[[Wikivoyage:Attraction listings|Attraction listings]] - for See
:*[[Wikivoyage:Bar listings|Bar listings]] - for Drink
:*[[Wikivoyage:Restaurant listings|Restaurant listings]] - for Eat
:*[[Wikivoyage:Shopping listings|Shopping listings]] - for Buy
:Nutshell: ''A picture may be worth a thousand words, but when a trying to find your way around a new city, it's more like a million. A clear and simple map can save hours or even days of hassle.''
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:*[[Wikivoyage:Common map symbols|Common map symbols]]
:*[[Wikivoyage:How to draw a map|How to draw a map]]
:*[[Wikivoyage:Mapmaking expedition|Mapmaking expedition]]
;[[Wikivoyage:One-liner_listings|One-liner listings]]
:Nutshell: ''A brief description of a destination that allows the reader to select the travel guide they want to read.''
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:*[[Wikivoyage:Manual of style#Formatting style|Formatting style]]
:*[[Wikivoyage:Article templates|Article templates]]
:*[[Wikivoyage:Section headers|Section headers]]
;[[Wikivoyage:Routebox_navigation|Routebox navigation]]
:Nutshell: ''Routeboxes are included in the Go next section and provide a quick way of identifying nearby destinations. Routes should reflect the type(s) of travel commonly used in the local area.''
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:*[[Wikivoyage:Route icons|Route icons]]
:*[[Wikivoyage:United States route icons|U.S. route icons]]
;[[Wikivoyage:Section headers|Section headers]]
:Nutshell: ''Wherever possible, section headers should be identical to the ones in the article templates. The more consistent the sections of articles in Wikivoyage are, the easier it is for readers to find what they're looking for.''
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:*[[Wikivoyage:Article templates/Sections|Article templates/Sections]]
:*[[Wikivoyage:Accommodation listings|Accommodation listings]] ([[al|al]])- for Sleep
:*[[Wikivoyage:Activity listings|Activity listings]] - for Do
:*[[Wikivoyage:Attraction listings|Attraction listings]] - for See
:*[[Wikivoyage:Bar listings|Bar listings]] - for Drink
:*[[Wikivoyage:Restaurant listings|Restaurant listings]] - for Eat
:*[[Wikivoyage:Shopping listings|Shopping listings]] - for Buy
===Writing style===
:Nutshell: ''Using abbreviations for commonly known terms is encouraged. The abbreviations used should be uniform''
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;[[Wikivoyage:Creating emphasis|Creating emphasis]] ([[italics|italics]], [[bold|bold]])
<!--Note: this is a combination of previous bold and italic policies-->
:Nutshell: ''Use boldface to call important topics and use italics for emphasis.''
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;[[Wikivoyage:Neutrality_of_medium|Neutrality of medium]]
:Nutshell: ''Wiki travel guide may be printed or read on-screen. Write travel guides so they are equally useful in both formats.''
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;[[Wikivoyage:No_advice_from_Captain_Obvious|No advice from Captain Obvious]]
:Nutshell: ''If something is very obvious or true for nearly all destinations, it does not need to be written.''
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;[[Wikivoyage:Use of pronouns|Use of Pronouns]]
:Note: this is a combination of the existing 1st and 2nd person policies
:Nutshell: ''You can address the reader, but do not refer to yourself in an article.''
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;[[Wikivoyage:Words_to_avoid|Words to avoid]]
:Nutshell: ''A list of words to avoid when describing a destination and its attractions and businesses.''
:Alt: ''Don't use weasel words, waffle, double-talk or puffery''
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;[[Wikivoyage:Foreign_words|Foreign words]]
:Nutshell: ''It's often useful to point out the local-language name for a place or thing in an article. List the foreign-language word in parentheses after the English name.''
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:*[[Wikivoyage:Naming conventions]]
:Nutshell: ''Non-Latin alphabet names should be written in the latin alphabet for English to assist readers in pronounciation.''
:Alt: ''Romanization is the process of mapping a script into the Latin alphabet used for English. As a rule of thumb, romanization should allow the casual reader to guess at the pronunciation, and the expert to pronounce it right.''
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:Nutshell: ''Destination guides should be written in the local variant of English.''
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:*[[Project:List of common misspellings|List of common misspellings]]
:*[[Project:Naming conventions|Naming conventions]]
:*[[Project:Foreign words|Foreign words]]
:Nutshell: ''It is OK to refer to trademarks, but trademark symbols should not be used.''
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===Numbers and dates===
:Nutshell: ''The cost of an item should be listed in the local currency unless the local convention is to list the price in a foreign currency. Prices should be listed with the currency symbol or abbreviation that travellers will encounter.''
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:Nutshell: ''Metric or imperial units of measurement should be displayed depending on the predominant local usage. It is good practice to provide both metric and imperial conversions (local units first with conversion in parentheses).''
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;[[Wikivoyage:Phone numbers|Phone numbers]]
:Nutshell: ''Format phone numbers as they would be dialled internationally but in a way that separates the country code, area code, and part that can be dialled locally.''
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;[[Wikivoyage:Time and date formats|Time and date formats]]
:Nutshell: ''Times should be displayed in the local timezone using the 12 or 24 hour format, whichever is the predominant local usage. Days of the week should be abbreviated to the minimum number of letters. Dates should use the format dd mmm yyyy.''
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:*[[Wikivoyage:When to use dates|When to use dates]]
==Legal information==

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