Khác biệt giữa các bản “Uruguay”

[[Image:Uruguay Regions map.png|thumb|right|400px|Bản đồ Uruguay với các vùng]]
| region1name=[[Atlantic Coast (Uruguay)|Atlantic Coast]]
| region1color=#83a8c1
| region1items=[[Cabo Polonio]], [[Chuy]], [[La Paloma]], [[Punta del Diablo]], [[Piriapolis]], [[Punta del Este]]
| region1description= great beach resorts fronting the Atlantic and a land crossing to [[Brazil]]
| region2name=[[Rio de la Plata]]
| region2color=#dbe086
| region2items=[[Montevideo]], [[Colonia]]
| region2description=the capital city, old colonial magnificence and a ferry crossing to Argentina
| region3name=[[Northern Interior (Uruguay)|Northern Interior]]
| region3color=#71b37b
| region3items=[[Paysandu]], [[Salto]], [[Tacuarembo]]
| region3description= Gaucho culture, land crossings to [[Argentina]] and citrus growing
| region4name=[[Central Interior (Uruguay)|Central Interior]]
| region4color=#b5d29f
| region4items=[[Durazno]]
| region4description=agriculture, huge dams on the Rio Negro and land crossings to [[Brazil]]
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